Published: Sun, April 02, 2017
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Selena Gomez's '13 Reasons Why' premiere look is too 'Perfect'

Selena Gomez's '13 Reasons Why' premiere look is too 'Perfect'

It's easy to shout, "Do more" at the screen in hindsight, now knowing what happens to Hannah and Jeff, but we'll never know how they may have reacted if Clay had further interfered.

While Gomez claimed she was "not a boss" on set, she did take a firm hand in the making of the show. But Langford's Hannah is also lonely and susceptible, and she gets pulled into exploitive situations more easily than you might expect. "Even its flaws help to mimic the show's ultimate goal: to paint a gorgeous, and awful tapestry of what it means to live on this planet - and what it means for those that stay behind when we leave it". As Clay sinks deeper and deeper into Hannah's world, gradually understanding why she did what she did, the cut begins to heal until it's nothing more than a green and yellow bruise; a physical manifestation of Clay's reckoning with the tragedy.

Although the "Spring Breakers" actress is pleased with the final outcome of the 13-part series, she was "nervous as hell" about discussing her plans for it with the broadcasting network.

North Carolina hopes 'bathroom bill' deal saves NCAA events
North Carolina lawmakers and the governor reached an agreement to repeal the state's controversial "bathroom bill", called HB2. HB2 supporters argued that the bathroom law was needed to preserve people's privacy and protect them from sexual predators.

"We have this thing we do in Los Angeles that we call "chemistry reads", which we like to put these poor actors through: hours and hours of reading opposite different actors", he explains. "We started in summer, but then the school year started, so they built the entire hallway you see in the school", Minnette added. While Hannah and Clay's school isn't our idea of an alma mater we'd like to attend, it does inspire other fictional high schools we wish we had or hadn't gone to IRL. So for the third book on my reading challenge list this year, I asked my friends to recommend a book that they loved that is being made into a movie or television show in 2017. Clay also recalls masturbating to Tyler's viral photo of Hannah and Courtney kissing - and yes, I realize he's a teenage boy, but in that moment, he was no better than the other guys who objectified and taunted Hannah.

In case you didn't already assume this, the 13 tapes Hannah recorded coincide with each of the season's 13 episodes - and boy is Tape No. 1 a freakin' doozy. That's kind of a blessing; it's cool to be able to have that from the writer.

The Grey's Anatomy vet tried to make her performance as Hannah Baker's mother as honorable as she could. "So I think the message and people, no matter what age you are, can relate to the story", Gomez said on the red carpet. A girl ends her own life, but why?

Bears' Hall, Packers' Dorleant arrested
Cedar Falls authorities responded to a disturbance at Sharky's Funhouse on Saturday where a bouncer says he assaulted. Officers handcuffed Hall, who police said was argumentative, resisted arrest and refused to get into the squad auto .

Dylan Minnette as Clay Jensen in "13 Reasons Why".

For Hannah's story, she details several incidents that she felt led to her suicide - some major and some fairly insignificant - that all piled up to become a giant mass of problems and emotions too big for her to deal with anymore.

Severe storms in forecast for US much of this week
Tomorrow will be warm and dry; with sunshine through scattered clouds, afternoon temperatures will rise into the low to mid 80s. In either case you will want to be ready for rapidly changing conditions and keep an eye on what the weather is doing.

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