Published: Tue, April 18, 2017
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Trump Advisers to Discuss Paris Agreement on Tuesday

Trump Advisers to Discuss Paris Agreement on Tuesday

The Obama administration joined the accords previous year without Senate approval, committing the cut greenhouse gas emissions 26 to 28 percent by 2025.

Still miners said the Trump administration has brought them new hope. But there is one table that US diplomats could find themselves absent from this fall-the negotiating table at the next global climate meeting in Bonn in May.

Chief Strategist Steve Bannon oppose staying in the Paris agreement while Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Ivanka Trump and advisers Jared Kushner and Gary Cohn support it.

Trump's team will reportedly meet to discuss whether to exit the Paris Agreement.

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As the Trump administration debates whether to stay in the Paris climate agreement, observers are skeptical that opposing wings of the administration will reach a middle ground.

Pruitt, a former Oklahoma attorney general with close ties to the state's oil and gas industry, has labeled the agreement a "bad deal" in the past but had not previously called for the United States to withdraw from the accord.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer said last month that Trump would decide a course of action on Paris by the Group of Seven meeting in late May. The oil and natural gas giant argued the US slashed its carbon emissions to 20-year lows because of greater use of natural gas, and "this success can be replicated globally" as part of the Paris deal.

The Paris Agreement is within the UN's Framework Convention on Climate Change dealing with greenhouse gasses emissions reduction, adaptation, and finance starting in 2020. The other advisers have yet to take an official stance. ExxonMobil sent a letter to White House Adviser David Banks in March in favor of staying in the Paris deal. Given their apparent support for this agreement, it remains to be seen whether they will push back against Pruitt's remarks, potentially setting the White House up for yet another fight between centrist and conservative elements of the administration.

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"The past administration said we had to choose between the environment and job growth".

"Either way, there will be blowback from the worldwide community", Hanafi said.

Some administration officials did not discard the global deal out of hand, with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson saying he thinks the US should "maintain its seat at the table in the conversation on how to address threats of climate change".

Major publicly traded coal companies such as Cloud Peak Energy Inc (CLD.N) and Peabody Energy Corp (BTU.N) confirmed to Reuters that they have told White House advisers it is in their interests for the United States to remain in the Paris agreement to ensure there was a global role for high-efficiency coal plants.

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Some argue not pulling out the Paris agreement would be largely symbolic, since Trump's already begun to roll back Obama-era regulations aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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