Published: Fri, April 21, 2017
National | By Mildred Castro

National Football League releases schedule; here's look at 49ers, Raiders season

National Football League releases schedule; here's look at 49ers, Raiders season

The most hard stretch for any team belongs to the Raiders, who will play five teams between Weeks 11 and 15 that had a combined.738 winning percentage in 2016. September 7. 8:30 p.m.

Despite whether you feel like KC can defeat the Patriots, this line makes sense given that 1) the Pats are the defending Super Bowl champions and 2) the Chiefs are on the road. The other takes place October 30 against Denver at Arrowhead Stadium. Their real job would seem to be divvying up the NFL's watchable games among the TV corporations that pay the NFL billions to show us football.

McCourty is hopeful he and Butler will be together in 2017
McCourty is hopeful he and Butler will be together in 2017

That first Thursday Night Football matchup will probably feature the Patriots, though.

Also, since Jerry Jones' Cowboys will play at Levi's and the Oakland Coliseum this season, would the National Football League arrange for those games to be back-to-back? The Redskins are no strangers to playing on Thanksgiving, doing so nine times before, but it'll be a different atmosphere with the game being in Thanksgiving.

Ontario to tax non-resident foreign housing buyers 15%
Also, there will be an expansion of rent controls to all buildings. We should have 30,000 new rental units a year coming on stream.

As for the NFL schedule release, the NFL has announced it will happen at 5:00 pm Pacific time (8pm ET) in a two-hour NFL Network special. The Chiefs defeated the Raiders at home, 21-13.

News first broke of the Cowboys opener when WFAN radio host Mike Francesa read the Giants schedule aloud on the air.

Trump's visa executive order could have big impacts on Tennessee
They said it's important President Trump keeps the focus on mending the program- not getting rid of it. There's an annual quota of 85,000 new H-1B visas (with 20,000 reserved for master's degree holders).

There will be four games played in London, with two in Wembley Stadium and two at Twickenham Stadium. The Steelers knocked the Chiefs out in the AFC Division Round in January, 18-16.

Week 1 - vs Chiefs - Thurs. The latter, at the Philadelphia Eagles, would likely be moved to a later time if it has playoff implications. Three of those follow the Mexico City trip - Miami at home November 26, followed by the games at Buffalo and Miami to start the stretch of three away from Gillette. Week 9 - Bye Week Week 10 - at Broncos - Sun.

Malcolm Butler will skip Patriots' voluntary workouts
The Patriots first pick in the 2017 NFL Draft doesn't come until the third round with the 72nd overall pick. This is important because it's an intentional way that the Patriots have built their team in free agency.

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