Published: Sun, April 23, 2017
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Troian Bellisario was a mess at Pretty Little Liars audition

Troian Bellisario was a mess at Pretty Little Liars audition

We know it's been a while, but Pretty Little Liars' air date for 2017 is on Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. EST on Freeform.

If anyone is keeping score, the final season premiere of Pretty Little Liars was a point in A.D.'s favor. "I think we're secretly to blame for the current President". Meanwhile, A.D. has a special delivery for the Liars, one that reveals the final endgame.

After an eight month hiatus between season 7A and last night's airing of 7B, questions about who the Liar's stalker is have reached a fever-pitch.

Fast forward a week later and Spencer's arm is in a sling.

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Further, she said that their finale will be different than the usual.

It seems like this had to have been a reference to Yvonne (who is in a medically-induced coma), yet Spencer she spent the entire visit chatting with Toby about how everyone will make it out of Rosewood someday. Problem solved: They both get hired! As Veronica Hastings tells it, Mary got pregnant after a tryst with Spencer's father, who believed she was actually her twin sister Jessica DiLaurentis.

Spencer comes home to see her mom.

Veronica: "Five minutes. You were in this world five minutes before I first held you". "And I've been holding you ever since".

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Based on what happens at the House of Hastings, the Liars' families are going to be key players in this game, for better or worse. They are also cousins. An exasperated Emily told her not to kiss her again until she knew why she was doing it and said she was sick of having to prove that she loved Alison.

Spencer feels weird about meeting with her ex-boyfriend. Yvonne, Toby's fiancé, was not as fortunate: she's in a medically induced coma after the auto accident. The reunion is sad, but also kind of sweet.

Inside a black box with a red bow, the girls discovered a "Liars Lament" board game created to look exactly like Rosewood with action figures of each Liar.

Anyway, back to the sweetness: Caleb pulled out Hanna's sketch book as he told her to get back to designing clothes so he could worry about Jenna. Hanna still wants to get her fashion business off the ground, so Mona offers to help, and she snags Hanna a gig dressing a NY senator's daughter for a few different events. Mona takes some time out from staking out connect Hanna with Katherine Daly, the daughter of a prominent senator.

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The not-so-good doctor kidnapped and tortured Ali, before he was run over by Hanna, so it's safe to say nobody remembers him fondly. Mona looks at Hanna's portfolio of designs. Given Mona's track record, it's hard to blame her. She takes some pics of Hanna's work and she is off. Couldn't she just sat her down and explained it to her? And Emily will have to choose between Alison and Paige. She admitted to Emily that she was exhausted of Alison always playing the victim and Emily running to her rescue all the time.

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