Published: Thu, April 27, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Ted Wilson

Uber says flying taxis will be in service by 2020

Uber says flying taxis will be in service by 2020

The tech company announced Tuesday at its Elevate Summit that it has struck partnerships with the cities of Dallas and Dubai to demonstrate a network of flying cars by 2020.

Also, the company's leaders have emphasized that the vehicles will have zero emissions and that they will produce minimal noise.

The controversial ride-hailing app says it plans to create vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) crafts that can be summoned at the push of a button in the same manner as their current auto service. Anyone else finding this all a bit suspish?

It seems the company is hoping to reduce the pricing more considering the flying cars will be autonomous.

LVMH to consolidate hold on Dior in multibillion-euro deal
Christian Dior Couture is now considered an independent affiliate of LVMH despite having the same controlling shareholder. Mr Arnault said the move illustrated his family's commitment and confidence in LVMH and its brands.

Well, if anyone can do it, it's probably Travis Kalanick.

Yes, it's a flying auto, and it's one that is custom designed for passenger pickups. They could cut the travel time between San Francisco's downtown Marina and San Jose down to 15 minutes from the two hours it takes to make the same trip by road, according to Uber.

Metroplex traffic? Bell Helicopter and Uber are trying to develop a way for commuters to fly over it. Pilot programs will follow, and riders can expect to summon an aircraft on the Uber app by 2023.

The company is working with Hillwood Properties to make four vertiports - VTOL hubs with multiple takeoff and landing pads, and charging infrastructure - for Uber in Dallas starting next year, Holden said. Uber has been hit with sexual harassment allegations, a lawsuit from Alphabet's Waymo over self-driving auto technology, secret deceptive software and a series of executive departures among other controversies.

Mike Gillislee headed to Patriots after Bills decline to match RFA offer
The Giants seem like a good possibility as they need a running back and Adrian Peterson seems likely to sign with the Saints. Had the Patriots not been able to acquire Gillislee, the team would have been in the market to draft a running back.

The ride-share service first announced its interest in flying vehicles last October. It has also joined hands with United States electric vehicle charging station maker ChargePoint to develop charging stations for its planned fleet of on-demand flying electric cars.

Holden noted that Uber's goal is to create a demonstration network for flying taxis in Dubai for the 2020 World Expo.

The partnership agreement provides the basis for a system of urban transportation solutions that will enable users of the Uber Elevate Network to request an Aurora eVTOL aircraft via Uber's computer or mobile software applications.

N.Korea quiet amid expectation of tests
Haley said the USA wasn't looking for a fight and wouldn't attack North Korea "unless he gives us reason to do something". South Korean and US officials have feared for some time that North Korea's sixth nuclear test could be imminent.

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