Published: Sat, May 06, 2017
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Zimbabwe, South Africa Most Developed Countries In Africa - Mugabe

Zimbabwe, South Africa Most Developed Countries In Africa - Mugabe

The Zimbabwe President made this known at the World Economic Forum, now taking place in South Africa. He is often pictured sleeping at most of these worldwide events, a sign that his body and mind needs rest.

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe was caught napping at the just concluded World Economic Forum for Africa held in Durban, South Africa.

President Robert Mugabe and demanded his immediate resignation.

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"I can call America fragile, they went on their knees to China", he added.

"We discussed the issue of the situation in the country, the success of the World Economic Forum now and also about the need for us to meet more often, particularly the former liberation movements". He went on to say that Zimbabwe is one of the most well-resourced countries on the continent and also boosts 14 universities as well as a literacy rate of over 90%.

Gutu said "to say that Zimbabwe is a fragile State is actually an understatement". Natural resources - boon or drawback? "Yes, we have our problems. but we have resources, perhaps more than the average country. and our agriculture is very viable and this year we will have a bumper harvest", Mugabe said, highlighting the nation's production of "maize, tobacco, many other crops".

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"Mugabe needs to travel to other countries and see why Zimbabwe is a fragile State". "We are not a poor country. We are not a poor country", he said.

After years of strained relations with the United States and most Western countries, Mugabe could not pass the chance to take potshots at his arch-enemies. The president boasted that Zimbabwe is the most developed country in Africa after South Africa, but for most Zimbabweans this is hard to believe. "We are a people who can not access our money in the Zimbabwean banks, caused by the bad economic policies imposed on us by this regime", said Mabhena.

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