Published: Tue, May 09, 2017
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US environmental chief to recuse himself from court cases

US environmental chief to recuse himself from court cases

The Environmental Protection Agency forced out half the members of a key scientific advisory board over the May 7 weekend - and their possible replacements include representatives of polluting industries the agency regulates. It's not until 10 paragraphs into Davenport's story do we find out Board of Scientific Counselors (BOSC) members serve three-year terms.

Board members are limited to two three-year terms, where experts are typically reappointed for the second term, but the EPA chose to cut their tenures short to one term on this occasion.

The panel of experts, who typically serve two consecutive three-year terms, helps guide the agency's research office.

"We're not going to rubber-stamp the last administration's appointees", Freire told the Washington Post.

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Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri posted video Friday from a helicopter showing flooding in Eureka, a suburb of St. Louis on Wednesday, as relentless rain and an ominous forecast hovered over parts of the flood-soaked Midwest .

EPA spokesman JP Freire said the agency will consider new nominees, including those who may now work for chemical and fossil fuel companies.

The Trump administration also has called for deep cuts at the EPA, reducing its overall budget by almost a third, at the same time the administration has moved to reverse or slow some of the agency's regulatory decisions. It was not immediately clear from the news reports how many members were let go.

EPA wants to open up the process to the hundreds of applicants that were not considered by the Obama administration.

Freire told the Post that the EPA might consider industry scientific experts for some board positions as long as the appointments do not pose a conflict of interest. That has included the 47-member Scientific Advisory Board, which Republican members of Congress have said needs reworking to "provide meaningful and unbiased scientific advice" and increased transparency. That money typically covers travel and other expenses for outside experts who attend the board's public meetings.

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The land under question was bought at the market price and income tax on it was duly paid, Khaitan said in a written reply to ET. The Commission is also looking at a property in Amipur village, which was botught by Vadra's wife Priyanka Gandhi Vadra in 2010.

The EPA statement said Pruitt will continue to consult with the agency's ethics counsel to ensure there is no question of impropriety in how it deals with litigation to which Pruitt had been a party as Oklahoma's attorney general.

Pruitt also disagrees with the consensus of climate scientists that man-made carbon emissions are the primary cause of climate change, saying that limits on burning coal costs jobs.

President Donald Trump has directed Pruitt to radically remake the E.P.A., pushing for deep cuts in its budget, including a 40 per cent reduction for its main scientific branch, and instructing him to roll back major regulations made during former President Barack Obama's tenure on climate change and clean water protection, reports The New York Times. "This approach is what was always intended for the Board, and we're making a clean break with the last administration's approach".

Conservatives have complained about EPA's approach to science, including the input it receives from outside scientific bodies, for years.

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In comparison, the budget for mental health services has increased by 18 per cent since 2008, from $1.1 billion to $1.4 billion dollars.

"The EPA's mission is to protect human health and the environment", he added.

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