Published: Tue, May 30, 2017
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Pro-Tamil outfit burns Rajnikanth's effigy opposing his entry into politics

Pro-Tamil outfit burns Rajnikanth's effigy opposing his entry into politics

" Rajnikanth has maintained contact with the BJP for a long time, but never political, " said senior BJP leader from Tamil Nadu and Rajya Sabha member L Ganesan. However, the Union Transport Minister did not open up about the exact role of Rajinikanth in BJP. I don't think he will join any national or regional party.

Two Popular personalities of South Indian Film Industry- Superstar Rajinikanth and Power Star Pawan Kalyan have set off ripples in political circles. However, the protesters burnt the effigies of superstar terming him as a "Kannadiga".

Tamil Nadu is abuzz with speculation that the veteran actor has chose to throw his hat into the political ring.

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He said that he was in Karnataka only for 23 years and for the past 43 years he was living in the Tamil Nadu state.

The rival Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) is reasserting itself now that there is no formidable mass leader like Jayalalithaa to challenge it. "He will only float a new party", he said.

Meanwhile, the reports of Rajinikanth joining politics has triggered tension in some quarters. Shah said one could speculate "only when Rajinikanth decides to enter politics" and that the actor has to decide first, whether or not he wants to take the plunge. In a recent speech, Super Star has given an answer to the question of his non-Tamil origin. Could there be bigger stakes at play? "Rajinikanth should have opposed this, but I'm sure he will run away", said Swamy.

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He had asked his fans to be prepared for a "war", saying in olden days kings seldom maintained massive standing armies but the men will always turn up when a battle ensued.

"When war comes they will come to the rescue of their motherland". I have a profession, work, duty and so do you. " We are sure that he has a plan as he has expressed his political intent in public".

A man of Marathi roots originally from Karnataka, Rajinikanth proclaimed himself as a true-blue Tamilian. "I am a pure Tamil now", he told his fans.

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Some wonder whether it is not already late for the cinema icon to become a politician.

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