Published: Wed, June 07, 2017
World News | By Cecilia Wilkerson

Clinton Blames Weaponized Info For Loss Against Trump

Clinton Blames Weaponized Info For Loss Against Trump

Its data was mediocre to poor, nonexistent, wrong. Moreover, Clinton said that the Russians' campaign to spread "fake news" and leak emails were potentially "guided" by Americans.

The DNC's director of data science, Andrew Therriault, blasted Clinton's team for ignoring DNC data that said Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania would be close races, the Post reported.

It nearly defied belief to watch Hillary throw the Democratic National Committee under the bus - which she did with a vengeance.

Clinton sought to mirror the practices of former US President Barack Obama's two successful campaigns, which relied on precise targeting and outreach in swing states like OH, "like Obama 3.0, you know". While Clinton's reference to that silliness was quick and clever, we can't help but wonder why she can't take the high road and act like a real politician, which would mean taking petty disagreements, I don't know, anywhere except social media? So I'm now the nominee from the Democratic Party.

Einstein gravitational waves detected for third time
Scientists traced the ripple 3 billion light-years away, back to two ancient black holes on a collision course. The UO's role was vital in the initial discovery and detailed in the story " Confirming Einstein's Theory ".

But her stunning rebuke this week of the DNC surprised and unsettled even her allies and former aides, who are fretting in private - and some in public - that Clinton is at risk of alienating Democrats who supported her loyally. "I had to inject money into it, the DNC [Democratic National Committee], to keep it going".

Clinton said during a tech conference near Los Angeles on Wednesday that she suspects Trump's campaign may have guided the Russian government in propaganda efforts leading up to the election.

"They had to be ready for that and they had to have a plan for that, and they had to be given the go-ahead", she said.

"She was intent on leaving the party in the black", a Clinton associate said Thursday.

FBI misses deadline to turn over Comey memos on Trump
Even without Russia's fabrications, both Trump and right-wing media accused Comey of rigging the investigation in Clinton's favor. What's more , Comey's rationale does not explain his decision to withhold his doubts about the intelligence from Congress.

The NYT had endorsed Ms. Clinton and wrote several editorials questioning Mr. Trump's eligibility to be President.

Clinton wasted little time in responding to Trump's tweet with a quip of her own, joining in on the meme of the moment: "People in covfefe houses shouldn't throw covfefe".

Clinton's note was a reference to the sentence fragment Trump tweeted at 12:06 a.m. EDT on Wednesday, which simply read, "Despite the constant negative press covfefe".

This time she blamed the New York Times for its coverage of the e-mail scandal, the Democratic National Committee for providing her with bad data and former Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey for the late October e-mail surprise.

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