Published: Thu, June 15, 2017
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Apple Rejects New Game App Featuring 'Objectionable' Pepe The Frog

Apple Rejects New Game App Featuring 'Objectionable' Pepe The Frog

The modifications to the App Store was first noticed by 9to5Mac.

The app review prompts will no more annoy the users as Apple have come up with a solution.

Analysts say that by making tipping an "in-app purchase", Apple is aiming to make more money out of Chinese users.

Lin became curious when Apple recently declared it had paid out $70bn to developers in the App Store's lifetime, and that $21bn of that was in the previous year alone. Lin's piece specifically hones in on an app called Mobile protection:Clean & Security VPN.

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Having lost the first encounter, Nathan Outteridge came back fighting to clinch a crucial win and level the scores at 1-1. The Japanese team now have a two-race lead in their best-of-nine series.

It has now been removed from the US App Store (but is apparently still accessible in the Belize App Store) but since it was posted on 14 April, it is estimated by Mobile analytics firm Sensor Tower to have made around $80,000 a month.

After scanning his contacts, it noted "no dupplicates were found", with the same misspelling.

To get to know these apps in question, he read all the description down to the bottom where the fine print was revealed. Medium's Johnny Lin stresses out in the said report that not all of that huge sum of money in necessarily legitimate as some developers are abusing Apple's in-app purchase feature, as well as the App Store search ads.

Not all developers out there want your birth certificate and bathing schedule, but enough have proven themselves less than scrupulous over the years, so anything Apple and Google do to help users limit data collection and location tracking is always welcome. Not only is that terrific news for developers, but it's also good for Apple because the company collects 30 percent of the proceeds of app sales and in-app purchases.

WWDC 2017: Apple Unveils HomePod, Its Siri-Powered Smart Home Speaker
Apple has finally unveiled its answer to Amazon's and Google's smart speakers slash digital assistants - and it's called HomePod. The HomePod , to be launched later this year, has six microphones built into it and is powered by Apple's smart assistant Siri.

Apple didn't respond to Mashable's request for comment on app subscriptions or whether those who had unwittingly paid exorbitant amounts for app subscriptions would get refunds.

And perhaps more importantly, their subscription fees start from $4.54 per month; around 1/20 of the fee for this scam app on the US App Store. Worse, some of them are rising high in the App Store rankings, as a new report details. Still, that less reputable app developers would use these tactics in the first place is both predictable and entirely preventable. "Developers work so hard and they have to go through the app review process, which for many people is this black hole where you click submit and cross your fingers and hope for the best", Lin says. Ads display a small blue icon signifying an advertisement, but otherwise, they're almost indistinguishable from search results.

CSO Online has asked Apple for comment and will update the story if it receives a response.

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For one, his son Eric Trump has said the president would continue to receive regular updates about his company's financial health. The litigation is similar to a case filed this year by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics, a Washington watchdog group.

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