Published: Thu, July 20, 2017
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Who designed the Karnataka flag first? Five facts you need to know

Who designed the Karnataka flag first? Five facts you need to know

The government in the southern Indian state of Karnataka recently set up a panel to explore if the state can have its own separate flag.

Currently, only Jammu and Kashmir has a flag of its own, under Article 370 of the Constitution.

The Congress-led Karnataka government, headed by Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, has run into trouble over the possibility of legitimising a distinctive flag for the state.

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The committee was constituted after a representation was submitted to the state government by journalist-writer and president of Karnataka Vidyavardhaka Sangha, Dharward, Patil Puttappa and social worker Bheemappa Gundappa Gadada. "Legally, there is no provision for providing a separate flag for any state".

The previous BJP government in the state (2008-13), however, opposed the demand for a separate flag in 2012, as it considered to be against the unity and integrity of the country, which has the Tricolour as the national flag.

Former advocate-general of Karnataka, Ravivarma Kumar, told The Hinduthat in SR Bommai vs Union of India case, the Supreme Court had declared that federalism is a basic feature of the Constitution and States are supreme in their sphere. Now, there is a renewed attempt at raising the temperature by raking up a campaign for a State flag to replace the national flag in Karnataka.

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THE Karnataka government has initiated a move for a separate flag for the State with Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Tuesday stoutly defending this step after it came under attack from rival parties.

"Let them (BJP) say that they do not want a flag for Karnataka".

He toed the 'One Nation, One Flag, ' stand of BJP's central leadership. Till this day, the perceived undermining of Kannada language and culture by the settlers is seen as a flashpoint for the politics in the state. "This country's integrity, sovereignty or unity won't be threatened by merely having a state flag, as the Opposition claims", Siddaramaiah said. "It has to be always below the national flag", the Supreme Court had said. "It is meant only for Karnataka and is not given any official recognition by the Constitution or the judiciary", he said. The government then said it would not make it mandatory to fly the state flag.

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A few days back, massive protests were staged for imposing Hindi in the state. Strong states or provisioning to have state flags will not weaken the nation but in other way it will strengthen the nation.

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