Published: Tue, July 25, 2017
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Why the New York Times wants an apology from Fox News

Why the New York Times wants an apology from Fox News

The New York Times is demanding an on-air apology from Fox News over a weekend report that claimed the newspaper foiled an attempt by the USA military to kill Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. About 25 minutes later, Trump - a frequent "Fox & Friends" viewer - tweeted about the report and accused the "Failing New York Times" of having a "sick agenda over National Security".

Herridge, one of two reporters who wrote the story that mentions the New York Times' article, later appears in the May 17 show, according to the posted transcript.

A Fox News host over the weekend blamed the Times for publishing information from a military raid in Syria; the publication of that information, a USA general claimed recently, thwarted an attempt to find Baghdadi. Several media outlets reported about it at the time, including the Times and Fox News.

Thomas told Herridge that a valuable lead as to Al-Baghdadi's location "was leaked in a prominent national newspaper about a week later and that lead went dead".

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It issued a statement slamming The New York Times for its delayed reaction: "For all of their hyperventilating to the media about a correction, the New York Times didn't reach out to anyone at Fox News until Sunday afternoon for a story that ran Friday night". President Donald Trump comments on the "Fox & Friends" segment in a tweet on Saturday.

Thomas said after a successful raid that killed ISIS oil minister Abu Sayyaf, his wife "gave us a treasure trove of information about where she had just been with Baghdadi in Raqqa".

Fox & Friends that morning reported "al-Baghdadi was able to sneak away under the cover of darkness after a New York Times story" and that the USA government "would have had al-Baghdadi based on the intelligence that we had except someone leaked information to the failing New York Times".

"If we notified the press every time the N.Y. Times had to update an online story or correct something, your inbox would crash", the executive added.

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"It's failing the American people", co-host Abby Huntsman said. Except whoops! No, they didn't, which forced Steve Doocy to do what he does best on Monday morning's show: grudgingly sort of clarify his network's bad reporting.

"You want a patriotic journalist", said the third host, Clayton Morris.

In a statement Monday evening, a Fox News spokesperson hit back, saying, "Neither Fox News' report nor the subsequent on-air coverage was inaccurate". Tony Thomas asserting that a June 8, 2015, report in the Times about a raid in Syria cost military intelligence a lead that could have led to the capture of the ISIS leader known as Abu Sayyaf. I don't know. But General Thomas, the head of all US special forces, believes that the Times article contained information that allowed al-Baghdadi to escape.

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