Published: Sun, August 06, 2017
World News | By Cecilia Wilkerson

British model kidnapped in Milan, Italy, to be 'auctioned', police allege

British model kidnapped in Milan, Italy, to be 'auctioned', police allege

The kidnapper was captured by police while he was accompanying the model to the British Consulate in Milan.

Following the attack, the woman - who can not be named for legal reasons - was put in a duffel bag and taken around 90 miles to Borgial, an isolated village near Turin, before being released on July 17, police say.

Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera reports the woman was told she could be freed if a ransom of €50,000 (£45,000, $58,000) was paid, although it is not known if this money was paid.

They said she was handcuffed to a dresser until she was released near the British consulate on 17 July - with the suspect arrested the day after.

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Police are now working to identify Herba's accomplices and established what happened to the woman while she was help captive.

As she was released on July 17th, her captor told her: "Our rules exclude mothers".

A 30-year-old Polish national who resides in the United Kingdom was arrested on kidnapping charges.

A Milan court heard the woman arrived in Milan on July 11 and was seized near the central station when she was drugged with ketamine.

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Police say they are still unclear whether the kidnappers were running an online scam to con "buyers" out of money or whether they actually meant to sell her on.

The man has confessed to the crime and his phone and computer - including photos of the model being offered on the "deep web" - have been confiscated.

Italian investigators have since established that the suspected kidnapper had already organized several online auctions for the sale of abducted girls, referring to them as "prey". It is now unclear why the kidnapping came to an end.

The police investigation into the network is ongoing.

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The woman, whose identity has not been revealed, was held prisoner for a week after being drugged, authorities said.

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