Published: Thu, August 10, 2017
World News | By Cecilia Wilkerson

Venezuela using excessive force to suppress protests, says UN

Venezuela using excessive force to suppress protests, says UN

"We condemn the economic sanctions against the people of Venezuela that are a clear violation of worldwide law and human rights, and an unacceptable interference with the only goal to cause direct damage to the Bolivarian government and the people of Venezuela", the final document released after the Alliance's meeting in Caracas said, Sputnik reported.

On Tuesday, the Constituent Assembly, which does not include opposition supporters due to their boycott, convened in the same building as the opposition-controlled National Assembly and decreed itself superior to all other government institutions.

Washington slapped sanctions on Maduro himself last week following similar action against 13 Venezuelan figures on July 26.

Venezuela has been beset by a wave of anti-government protests since April 1 that have left at least 121 people dead.

The document is a response to the "superpower" made up exclusively of Chavistas and has taken control of the Venezuelan government, initiating a series of political persecutions that have resulted in the arrest of several opposition mayors, as well as the dismissal of the Attorney General of the Republic, Luisa Ortega Díaz.

Millions of Ransom Demanded by Hackers for Stolen HBO Data
It is unclear whether the publicly accessible URL has been sent to other media sites or been posted online, the Reporter added. The hackers claim to have scripts, unaired copies of HBO movies and shows, and damaging information.

Mr. Guterres' spokesman said United Nations is closely following events in the country and is convinced the crisis requires a political solution based on dialogue and compromise.

President Nicolas Maduro's all-powerful constitutional assembly is forging ahead on promises to punish the embattled leader's foes.

He says people can be tempted to violence when they feel their electoral and constitutional options are closed - a situation the opposition says is developing in Venezuela.

The U.S. State Department is repeating its rejection of the new government-loaded assembly rewriting Venezuela's constitution, saying it's "an illegitimate product of a flawed process designed by a dictator".

The foreign ministers of 17 Western Hemisphere nations met in Peru to discuss how to force Maduro to back down.

Kenyans take no chances ahead of high-stakes election - Newspaper
The former president warned that the Kenyan people "will be the losers if there is a descent into violence". Chris Msando was head of information technology for Kenya's Integrated Electoral Management System.

Opposition lawmaker Delsa Solorzano says the objective of the truth commission is to "persecute those who think differently".

Inflation in Venezuela's crisis-hit economy quickened to 248.6 percent in the first seven months of the year, the opposition-led congress said on Wednesday in the absence of official data.

Maduro on Tuesday called for a "dialogue of respect" with neighbouring countries which have been critical of Maduro after the implementation of a government-backed Constituent Assembly.

Peru has been one of the most outspoken critics of Maduro under centrist Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczysnki, a former Wall Street banker whom Maduro has described as a lackey of the US.

Opposition members refused to participate in the election for delegates to the constitutional assembly but have thus far been divided on taking part in the contests for governors.

U.S. searching for 3 missing Marines after aircraft mishap off Australia
The aircraft was assigned to Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron 265 and operating with the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit, or MEU. USA military forces have been operating in the area as part of a joint training exercise called Talisman Sabre.

To counter the perception that it was isolated internationally, Venezuela on Tuesday hosted a meeting of allied nations in Caracas.

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